Friday, May 29, 2009

getting my coffee fix.

i have been coffee staining/dyeing a bunch of stuff lately. it started w/ manila paper for tags a while ago, but now i have branched out to lace & such. i *LOVE* the way it looks & it smells hubba too. [i have tried the same thing w/ tea..but i just prefer coffee.]

also..lately i have been obsessed w/ eyelet trim. it is pretty & feminine + it reminds me of summertime... {like red gingham reminds me of picnics.} anyhow, i put some flat eyelet trim in vanilla coffee the other day & once it looked *so* cute. so yeah..that is one of my new fave things. {xx.}

~ laura

ps. my mother-in-law is going to teach me to sew {w/ a sewing machine}. i learned in Jr.High school..but inbetween then & now i have forgotten the process. i have a brand new sewing machine & i can't wait to use it!! it will be nice to broaden my horizons as far as my options for creating/designing things go. :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

addicted to etsy.

i guess i didn't realize exactly how much time i spend on etsy @ night lately, until they shut it down for maintenance. i think i'm already going through withdrawal. ;p i can't sleep & i was i made a new banner for my blog. i think it turned out pretty swanky.