Monday, November 30, 2009

november's promo pic.

November's promo was a gOoDy BaG filled w/ free loot [i.e., vintage & handmade treats]. i was going to show more detailed pics..but i want it to be a surprise. ;p

^^^ all wrapped up & ready to go. :D

i hope Maya likes all her stuffs. it was really fun putting everything together. & now i am excited for December's drawing. :D stay tuned for info. {xx.}

~ laura

Thursday, November 26, 2009

december drawing - etsy site [LARBELLE/the blossoming belle.]

hello. i hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. :)

i have made the decision to start doing a different PROMO..each my etsy shop. if you want to know the specific details, you should check *here* @ the beginning of every month. {& stay tuned in general..if you want to be in the loop.}

for the month of December, i have decided that i am going to do a DRaWinG!! one LuCkY person will win a gift from me/my shop. to be included in said drawing you need to do the following:

x. be a loyal fan of my shop.
x. like free swanky stuffs. ;p

talk to you soon. & the rest of the information will be in wednesday's {12.02.09} post.

{xx.} ~ laura @ THE BLOSSOMING BELLE.